Who or what the heck is WORLUK?

Once upon a time, back in January 1987, 10 year old Bjørn Heimdall met the Commodore 64 and his whole life completely changed.

He became a scener who now spends all weekends at the computer, writes small programs with BASIC, understands the first features of machine language by hacking the programs in with debug programs, and likes to put small intros at the beginning of the games and programs that he exchanges with his friends. He needs a good handle and he decides one of the characters in his favorite game, -Wizard of Wor-, chose Worluk as a nickname...

Now, I’m a computer enthusiast, scener and a old MMORPG gamer currently living in northern part of the world. I drink copious amounts of coffee☕️, read a lot of books📖, listen rock music🎸, ßeta test some apps🖥 and spend a lot of time in front of my computer and vintage old ones.

When I got my first computer at 10, a Commodore 64, and I’ve been hooked computers and programming ever since. I love coding directly in machine code in past with 8/16 bit computers and my first challange was creating a simple Artificial Life Simulation code written in assembly. After internet technologies evolved, I started to create web pages coded in PHP that generates HTML and should run smoothly on any browser. I also create examples of web sites that use Python and many successful, high-performance, high-scale web sites written in Java, PHP, Ruby, .NET, Perl, Javascript, and just about anything else you can think of. Nowadays i create minimalistic valid xhtml web pages with little additon css.

A list (possibly outdated) of facts about me…

  • I am interested in beer. Both drinking and brewing techniques.
  • I am a supporter of VHEMT.
  • I favor Perl, Ruby, Objective-C, Go, Javascript & Lua.
  • I consume a lot of media. TV-series, Movies, Audio, Books, Computer & PlayStation®4 Games and more.

    Some projects I am involved in…

  • Extended DOS Collection – Easy to use PC DOS command line programs written entirely in x86 Assembly code from 1993.
  • Commodore 64 Demos – A WebSite online in early 2000s. About Commodore 64 Demos & techie stuff.
  • HVGC – High Voltage Graphic Collection, WebSite about Commodore 64 art. Never published.


    Now you know that who is behind this website was born in March/April 2000...

    When I started to deal with computers, it was not as easy to reach useful programs as it is now. Computer-shops used to charge exorbitant prices for the quality programs they got their hands on. The so-called copy protection was a barrier that could be easily overcome back then. I started to keep programs, demos, games, music-discs by creating a regular archive, a collection!.

    After years, I managed to find many programs that I did not have in the internet world, but I realized that many programs that are not in the internet world are in my own archive. In particular, I tried to replace all kinds of programs with corrupt internet versions by updating them with the versions that I have that work properly and that I have tested. If there are any bugs, debug them as good as possible, and create a clean disk image with fully working app, utility or game...

    I do not know how long this collection, which has been formed since 1987, will be stored on the servers of this website after I leave this world. I hope I've managed to leave a mark, a clue, somewhere...

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